The ultimate destination

lifeWhen you spend the first few decades of your life fighting to be where you need to be, always on the forefront of the battle, pushing every single obstacle out of your way to be able to archive your goals, it can feel like you are not going to find the peace you so well deserve.

Surprisingly, when you are going through the roller coaster that is your life, you are hoping for better days soon. While your spirit is awakening, guiding you to a new self-discovery path, you are taking the last leap of faith you need to reach the holy ground you have been seeking.

It is when you reach the last obstacle that stands on front of you, you are starting to feel deep in your core it is over, the last move you are making is for the better. Never expecting you are about to experience the most unbelievable feelings.

The sense of wholeness you have heard and maybe thought you might have experienced a few times in the past. Well, not that true at all, what you had experienced was just a tease, when you have finally opened your heart to let your spirit guide you. When you have reached your ultimate destination, you can feel that beautiful energy inside of you.

You are only starting to understand what it means to be free, to be complete, to be at peace. When you are stepping into the holy ground, you have finally arrived. The journey that took you there was to teach you and help you to mature.

You are not so much focused on the past or the bad experiences you have had to go through, your spirit is slowly erasing those feelings of pain. Not the memory of what happened but the feelings that used to keep you at night. You can recall those memories without anger, instead you can let them go effortlessly.

When you are on holy ground the peace you seek is finally there expanding inside of you. You can now relax and enjoy being present in your life.