Feeling at peace

lifeClosing my eyes, I can feel the energy of peace upon me.  I am smiling at the thought of doing it all over again tomorrow. Embracing the connection with the Universe.

Having leaned on the Universe for support during my latest transformation that brought me to today, I have never felt more alive than now. There is no other feeling of completeness I ever felt in my life. I thought I knew what it meant to move heaven and earth.

Sending energy across the globe to support others but this feeling is nothing compare to the peace I am feeling. I cannot help but be humbled on the journey I have taken. It wasn’t the easiest one, but it was worth the pain and tears to move forward.

The rewards are beyond expectation, the most surprising of all is the sense of freedom I finally understand. Feeling my spirit leading my life walking on my own path, with the feeling of lightness.

Forgetting the harsh times I lived, but instead feeling the unconditional love of the universe. Feeling loved and embraced, seeing the beautiful colors of my spirits. Ready to welcome the magic of the universe in my life.

Nothing would have ever prepared me to walk on holy ground, nor feeling like my inner child, happy. Having connected all four chambers of my heart. This feeling of wholeness of completeness, makes me feel I can reach the stars in the night sky.

With a smile I can erase the pain and sorrow of the losses I had gone through. Being happy to experience my life to the fullest. I am free of all the chains and anchors that used to tie me down, slowly but surely levitating myself off the ground.

I am rested and ready to embrace tomorrow with a smile on my face. Filled with the energy of love and peace to guide me along my journey.