Why am I always sick?

lifeEnjoying a moment of fun in our lives is what we need to do. Spending our time being stressed about work and home can lead our body to deplete itself of energy. Making us more susceptible to becoming sick.

Not dealing with the root cause of the issue will not help you to heal no matter how much a regular physician would prescribe you something to treat the symptom but not the problem.

Our bodies are a great barometer to see how we are doing with our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

For example, if you are working in a negative environment, ie, your co-workers are always fighting amongst each other. Your boss is micro managing everything making it impossible to work properly. You feel some of your co-workers are jealous or resentful because you get your job done etc…

You are unconsciously impacting your energy fields, we are energy based, we are absorbing the energy that is surrounding us. Imagine if you are not shielding yourself, basically your body is absorbing the negativity at a higher rate.

Outside of work you are always on the run not taking the time to take care of yourself, not setting aside time for a “me” schedule time each day. You are not recharging your energies nor removing the negativity you have been absorbing during the day.

As days pass your body is now becoming weaker “like Swiss cheese” you have created some holes in your fields. You are starting to become ill more often, you are exhausted, on the brink of burn out.

What should you do? Should you continue to ignore the issues? Running in and out to your general physician who will treat the symptoms every other month or are you going to see a holistic physician who will treat the symptoms and help you to uncover the root cause?

Most often we do not realize that exposing ourselves to toxic environments like a poor office environment can do more harms to us. Should you stay to continue to work somewhere you are unhappy at, or should you move to a different company that actually will help you to raise your energy? A company that will respect you.

Being sick is a way for our bodies to tell us something is wrong, we should start to listen to it instead of ignoring the root cause.

Too many times I have seen people who were not feeling healthy, but when faced with the root cause some decided to continue on their path ignoring the signs, and others made the wise decision to change jobs or relationships walking away from the toxic environment. Within a few weeks they felt better than ever.