Stepping into year 0

lifeEntering in year 0 it is the most amazing feeling especially when you are living an authentic life lead by your spirit. So you may ask, what is exactly year 0?  Well it is when you are actually switching to a new decade.

The feeling to move toward to the next decade is the most interesting and fulfilling when you are feeling you have finally arrived and are walking on holy ground. When you are living your life in a new way. When you finally understand, by truly living through the energy of freedom.

When your stepping in year 0, the energy that comes to you is different there is nothing that can describe it you have to experience it to understand it. It is a sense of peace, mixed with unconditional love add some wholeness and sprinkle the feeling of being grounded. The energy of understanding you get when you are fully connected with the universe.

You actually have reached Nirvana, you cannot help yourself, you are just smiling. Having a sense, you are in the right place, you are finally where you need to be. Enjoying walking into uncharted territory, feeling at peace and ease.

Having a moment of déjà vu that is not going away but instead everything you do or say feels whole. You are not worried about everything and anything, but instead you are focused seeing from the universe perspective.

You are actually seeing without your ego, you are fully embracing who you are.  So what are you wanting to experience next? Are you ready to dream bold, to make things happen the way you always wanted then to happen?

You actually do not feel restricted, neither oppressed by the ego society nor your ego, you are walking on your own path embracing every moment. Enjoying your new adventures and ready to get even more mischievous than before.

Year 0 is a new beginning, a new start toward the ultimate destination you always wanted to go. It is time to live your experience in the present moment by naming it and claiming it.
Year 0 is the spark that will empower you to move forward and walk on holy ground