A sense of belonging

lifeFeeling a sense of belonging is what we are all looking for. But while some will search in the wrong places, we need to know we should not be looking outside of us but inside. Our spirit will guide us toward that place we so need to reach.

Connecting with our spirit is the key to archiving that state of mind. Our connection will open the door to actually connect with the universe. Realizing we are here to experience life and different emotions in order to grow and mature.

Also, we are connecting at a deeper level with the Universe, learning to co-create, living our lives to the fullest. Embracing our lives’ mission, learning to dream bold and enjoy being in the present moment.

Life has so much to offer, we need to learn to lean and have faith on us. Awaken the alchemist that is dormant, follow our passion. Surrounding ourselves with people who live an authentic life. Being honest with ourselves, let our imagination be free.

A sense of belonging is a feeling, an energy, that makes us feel at peace. Makes us understand the world in a different way. Letting our ego sleep while our spirit is in the driver’s seat.  Learning to accept who we truly are by aligning ourselves with the universe.

Feeling whole and complete, never giving up on our dreams, on our inspiration but instead pursuing our quest to reach the holy ground. Living the life we are meant to be living, co-creating in the present to experience a better life.

Learning to be bold, to be colorful to walk into uncharted territory with a curious mind, ready to learn and be amazed by the magic of the universe. Becoming a child again and being more playful.

A sense of belonging is when you have your circle of light supporting you along the way. The people who truly know you supporting you in your life’s mission.