Becoming the dreamers

lifeBeing powerful can have different meanings for everyone, but when you are living your life through your spirit, the power is the strength you have for your vision to live your passion. This is what drives you to archive your dreams, your goals. This is what makes the impossible possible, life has so much to teach us but also forces us to overcome.

When you are driven by your passion, by your strengths you are not afraid instead, you are determined to overcome everything. Your faith, your believes will help you to conquer everything. You are ready to go into uncharted territory fully supported by the universe.

We have a choice in life, we can live our lives to the fullest by being inspired to live our dreams. We can be the dreamers the movers and shakers we are, or we can live our lives as observers. Never taking a chance to archive what we are capable of doing.

It is up to us to choose what we want to do, who we want to become. We are the painters, the artists that create our live starting with a blank canvas. We can change our lives to become who we are meant to be at any time. We do not need to live our lives through someone, we are beautiful spirits, what sets us apart is what we have to accomplish in our lives.

Our spirits are unique, are grace and beauty, what makes us successful in our lives is to live our life through our spirit, to show our true colors, to become our spirit, being whole and grounded.

Believing in us to change our outer condition to bring peace into our lives. Learning the meaning of life, of who we are. Facing the storm to change our outer condition by standing grounded and strong. We can all become who we are meant to be, living our life to the fullest.