Living our life without justifying who we are

lifeI never felt I had to justify who I was. I always found it quite interesting when people are trying to do that. We need to realize spending our time to do it, so others can “understand us” can be a waste of time. Especially if the audience is ego centered, anything that doesn’t fit in their box will always be scrutinized and dissected under a microscope. It doesn’t mean they will like you better. But they are trying to define you in their own way, making assumptions that may or may not be correct.

It can be frustrating to be surrounded by ego minded people, but we are living in a society that has been doing that for so long it is now starting to shift. The shift is progressive, consciousness is starting to awaken. It is going to take more time for our society to entirely shift, in the meantime we need to not let the “ego world” get to us.

We need to learn to let go, not taking offense when we are faced with individuals that do not know how to deal with us. It can be at work or even when we are in and about in this world.

One thing I do is send them blessings even if at times I am irritated, I always make a point to do this in my mind. We cannot force anyone to change their perspective, it is better to listen to their point of view making a conscience effort to acknowledge them.

I still feel that we shouldn’t be trying to explain who we are. When your spirit is leading your life, you relate to the universe, your understanding of the world is different because you see we are all connected with the world. You are just living your life to the fullest, creating a domino effect around you.

What you are attracting in your life is meant to help you to move forward in your life’s purpose. The ego world will not influence you anymore instead you have moved your energy higher. Experience a new sense of freedom and wholeness, you are finally walking on holly ground.