Learning to ground ourselves

lifeStanding your ground while facing the storm can be challenging, but when we are experiencing changes in our lives, we need to be prepared by learning to ground ourselves on a daily basis. There is much more we can accomplished when we are not letting our spirit go in and out of our body.

It can be extremely tiring for our love ones to see us running in many directions at once. Losing our focus, not being able to make a decision or having a meltdown because we have “hit the wall”. Running out of energies because we are pushing our body so far, our adrenals are on overload ready for us to crash.

What can we do when this is happening to us? We can continue to repeat the cycle over and over or we can choose to change our patterns.

Taking some simple steps like learning to control our breathing, when we are experiencing a change in our breathing, we should consciously start to breathe deeply. By doing it we are allowing our body to receive enough oxygen, we are not sending the signal we are going into “survival mode” but instead we are grounding ourselves.

Being able to think calmly, letting more oxygen in our brain so we do not feel like the walls are closing in on us. Our muscles are relaxed which will help our nervous system to stay in the “calm zone”

When you are grounded, we are inviting the universe to continue to help us but also, we can hear it as well. When we are in the survivor mode, most of the time we are not going to hear our spirit or the universe. It could be at your own detriment, but we can, by learning to control our breathing, avoid that.

Use essence oils like lavender that will help you to raise your energies but also calm your nervous system.

We have several options we can use, why not start to practice grounding ourselves every day. This is one great pattern we should all learn to do.

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