Let our spirit inspire us

creativity Being motivated by what we are doing can be challenging when we are feeling we are not in the right job or living in the right place. We can feel defeated if our outer condition doesn’t make us feel part of the world but instead pushing us to hide or become “dormant”.

Instead of letting our outer condition dictate our actions we should start to look inward to our spirit to get that spark, that inspiration that will help us change our lives. Making ourselves push the boundaries that are on the front of us.

We can change and improve our outer condition if we start to use our imagination while partnering with the universe. Nothing will ever happen if we are an observer in our own life.

When we stop our ego from playing that same old broken song in our head, realizing we are not the victim but actually a magician an alchemist, we are not only naming what we desire, but also claiming what is rightfully ours.

We can live a life full or regrets, jealousy and resentment. Trolling the net to spew more poison into this world but it will not help us in the end. Those energies you are sending to the world will come back to you multiplied, positive or negative.

Why not change the way we are behaving and start to mind our own business? By doing it, we are now taking care of our own life, our own destiny. The more we are attending to our own garden the more beautiful it will become.

A lot of people love to spend their lives in everyone else’s business thinking they are doing it to help others while not attending to their own life. Missing out on opportunities to improve what they are lacking. There is no point to do so if you are going to miss out on great opportunities that could come knocking at your door, but you are too busy minding someone’s life.
Start to ask your spirit what you could do to improve your own life. Get started today, life has so much more to offer. Why not become one of the movers and shakers of this world? It would be rewarding to see how much you can accomplish.

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