Living your life to the fullest

possibilities It is always inspiring when the universe is opening its doors to share the bounty with us. Writing is a talent that I would not have thought possible for me to do. But when you are ready to change the direction you are in toward your life purpose, you may be surprised at what you actually can do.

Some of the “dormant” skills you have are finally revealing themselves one by one. It is amazing when you are coming from a place of your spirit how much you can uncover. Realizing nothing is impossible, becoming an alchemist in your own rights. Never giving up on what you can accomplished but coming from a place of inquiries.

How to create a website, how to… (fill the blank) the most surprising is how quickly the universe will bring you the answers to your questions. When you are starting to relax and let the flow of the universe guide you along your journey, you are starting to become conscious on how easily things are moving forward. It feels like walking on water, always feeling light in your steps. Ready to be amazed by what will come next.

Seeing life a different way, not worrying about what tomorrow will be. Learning to focus on what is important to your spirit. Not waiting for anyone’s approval but seeing people who will support you along your journey coming and joining you with a pure heart.

Feeling surrounded by love and supported by the universe. Being whole and at peace with everything. Enjoying each moment knowingly you are safe, and your spirit is guiding you to higher grounds. Learning you are finally walking on holy ground.

Life is starting to be actually fun, smile from the moment you wake up to the time you are going to rest.  Excited for what will come next, never feeling you are running out of time but instead taking your time to be present in your life.

There is so much we can do when we are grounded and whole.

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