Reaching a state of peacefulness

lifeReaching a state of peacefulness can be challenging when we are in the middle of the storm. When our life is being turned upside down, we can only try to hold on tight until it passes but it may take some time before we can feel our bearings coming back.

It is not easy to move through life when we are feeling that we are riding the rollercoaster from “hell”. Trying to get off it may not be possible until we have gone through all the changes.

We can help ease the situation if we are learning to focus our mind by quieting it down. Using our imagination to create a happy ending. Pushing the fears away from us and invite the love in.

It can be disorienting when we feel we are being attacked by unfairness, injustice, feeling we are always the last one to get something.

In those time of trials and tribulations we need to lean on the universe, pushing beyond what we thought was not possible. Going above our own limits, letting the warrior that is inside of us rise to guide us out of the storm.

Be open to feel the pain, the hurt, letting ourselves experience all those emotions that will finally liberate us from the self-doubt and guilt we are feeling.  But find the courage to kindle the fire deep in us to get the strength to get up and get going.

In times of pain we can feel like we just want to walk over the ledge and give up, but we do not have to do that, instead reach deep inside of you, to your spirit. Find that spark of determination to rise above everything, scream at the world that you are not going to give up.

Be the fighter that will walk on the fire from “hell” to get to your happy ending. Back to the journey where you belong. You will not trade who you are and what you believe in for anything.

But instead become the inspiration that is changing the world one person at a time. Showing you can overcome adversity. Transforming yourselves to go back and live your life’s purpose.
Let your spirit guide you through your rebirth to become the beautiful light you are.

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