The love we have for our animals

I love animals, when you are living with them as companions you can find yourself becoming wrapped around their paws. From awakening in the middle of the night with their paws on your face, looking at you with their sweet little eyes, asking for food.

Even if you try to have the sheets on top of your head thinking this will stop them. Those little buggers are not giving up that easily, instead they will find a way to remove the sheets and continue to request your attention.

The interaction we have with them is energies, we do not have to express vocally each time, but the exchange is felt at the vibrational level. From heart to heart, it is a great way for us to communicate.
They can be our grounding rock, our peace of mind, when we come home tired, they can be our comfort.

Even putting us to sleep, I remember a few times when Malou was alive. I had to follow him to the bedroom, we would lay down on the bed. I was thinking a couple of minutes with him should do the trick. By the time I woke up from the short nap that I wasn’t planning on doing Malou was still deep asleep, he was the only through this day that could do that.

Each animal has their own personality from bossy to needy, it is always fun to watch them interacting with us. They even can hold grudges if we take them on a trip to the vet, sometimes we have to bribe them with some new toys, so they will love us again.

One thing animal teach us is unconditional love, this beautiful gift. They love us deeply, they can teach us so much if we take the time to listen to them.

Animals are now used for different purposes from working with the handicapped to being in nursing homes to keep elderly spirits higher, to law enforcement and the military. They are part of our lives, they need us to take care of them, but they will do anything to protect us.

We should continue to help legitimate causes that are helping them.