Have a little fun in our lives

Playtime We are in need of having a little more fun in our lives, as we are starting this new year new you.
Why not add to our schedule, as a requirement, some fun time, some playtime with our family and loved ones?

We need to find the time to gather and enjoy each other’s company but also have some laughs.
We are so much on the go we do not even take the time to enjoy a meal or a good conversation. At the end of the day we are ready to crash.

So why not reserve one night a week to rally the troops at home and engage in fun activities like going bowling or doing a cook out with friends.
We are letting stress lead our lives, we need to be more playful by letting our spirit be free. Enjoying silly conversation, listening to fun stories. Sharing great memories together, we need to connect with each other.

The basics of human beings is to connect, if we are not doing that, we are closing ourselves to the world. We are being cast aside even invisible. We are here to be seen, we should be communicating.
If we are living isolated or alone, we can reach out to see what is going on in your community.

Some communities have programs you can attending like cooking, painting, dance, small local theater, exercise classes or other activities that could be interesting to do. It may be intimidating at the beginning because we are going outside of our comfort zone, but when we take the first step, you can start to meet new people.

Why not start to do that on a weekly basis, there are so many positive benefits that will come out of it. Even in the work place you can do something, perhaps have a little luncheon with other co-workers that could help you break the ice with people or at least learn more about others. You never know you could be surprised to discover how much other people have in common with you.