Staying calm under pressure

Sometimes we need to step back and stop ourselves in our own tracks before we start an argument. It is not easy to deal with individuals that have attitudes or make us feel uncomfortable.

Before we can respond we should start to breathe deeply, letting the oxygen continue to flow through our body. We also should start to count to ten. I know this can sound strange but by the time you are at ten you will be calmer.

When we are dealing with situations that can infuriate us, we need to learn to ground ourselves. Easier said than done but with some practice we can at least learn to delay or minimize our response.

Taking the time to listen to music while doing some yoga or other exercises will help you to be less stressed.  When we are under stress, frustrated or angry, we are stressing our body, we are affecting our organs as well as our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

By learning to be centered and at peace we can learn to focus and not react hysterically. One important factor is our ego. Yes, our ego needs to be under control, when you are living with your spirit. You are going to answer with the same message but using a different delivery that will be much more effective than a screaming match you may experience if your ego is leading your life.

It is a balancing act, but you get better results if you are doing it from your spirit. It doesn’t make you weak. A firm message can go a long way, I have interacted with some customer service reps lately that would have made you scream but instead I chose to act nicely with a smile while explaining my frustration. While I was calm and laughing the gentlemen understood my frustration and helped me even going the extra mile.

By staying grounded we can accomplish so much more but also, we do not have to add more stress and deplete our energy.  Why not try today?