Living our lives through our spirits part2

Everyone wants to be at peace with the world, but how can we archive this when we are living in a world of chaos, when our lives are being turned upside down? When we are not feeling in synch with this world. When we are feeling different from most of the people that surround us?

We need to learn to understand that we are all different, we are all inspired to do something that will set us apart. We each are an individual piece on the chessboard that is our life.

Not everyone will ever connect with us from our family to co-workers. It is OK to not be understood. We are not meant to be part of the ego collective world. As our spirits are opening and expanding, we are shifting to the greater understand of life.

From our life purpose to our inspiration, we need to be ready to embrace what is coming our way. As we are changing to become our beautiful spirit, the life around us will start to evolve as well. Bringing the peace, we are all searching for, feeling whole and complete we can see why we had to face so many obstacles to bring us where we are today.

We need to be strong, to let go of the past and embrace who we have become. Living our life to the fullest being inspired by what our spirit is telling us. Not being afraid to show our true colors, even if we can feel we are making some people uncomfortable. Speaking authentically will make us stronger, connecting with the universe.

Life has so much more to offer when we are living our lives through our spirit, we are reaching a state of mind we have been seeking our whole life. We can live in a state of freedom and learn to co-create with the universe.

We are living the life we are meant to live, the journey that took us here has been difficult but beautiful at the same time. Our lives will never be the same, we can smile as we are looking around to realize we have finally made it!  We have finally accomplished what we came here to do.