Pushing beyond the pain

Living with anger and resentment can become part of someone’s life but it is not how we should live our lives.

Not letting go is not going to help you to live your life’s purpose. When you are living your life with all the open wounds you are carrying since you were a child, you are continually poisoning your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, derailing you from your path. Infecting you with this negativity that has become part of your life. You are closing yourself off from the world. Your own negativity has made you a prisoner in your mind and you are refusing to let go because you are afraid there is nothing else afterwards.

Not letting it go will push everyone that loves you away, it is tiring to always fight the same battle when you are closing yourself off, it is like Don Quixote going to war against the majestic windmills seeing them as his own enemy.

We need to stop hurting ourselves by keeping the wounds open, we need to learn to let go and make peace with past situations, instead of agonizing over them every single day thinking we are a victim when in fact we are not.

We need to get back our power by seeking help, so we can have a voice and speak out to let it go. Living in such turmoil is not going to ease your journey but you are creating more obstacles that you do not need.  

Living a life free of pain and sorrow is what our spirit wants, we need to learn to heal ourselves. Speaking, writing a journal or painting can help you express your pain.   Keeping all of this hurt inside of you until it surfaces again and again is a way to self-destruction, it will not help you in the end.

Living in constant pain is not the way we were meant to be living. Learning to let go to regain our power is what we all should be doing. If you are in a state of pain or anger reach out to someone who can help you to heal your wounds.

Life is beautiful even though we can be going through tragedy or horrifying situations. We are all warriors and survivors. We need to learn to heal and let go so we can live our lives to the fullest.