Learning to surrender

lifeWe can be having so much more fun than expected in our lives when we let our inner child be free.

Taking the time to surrender instead of trying to fight too many battles at the same time. It is hard when you are trying to control your outer condition. But when you are starting to look at surrendering a situation to the universe for a better outcome, you may be surprised how much easier life can be.

I have spent my life fighting many battles to get where I am today. I finally have found my peace and unconditional love. The warrior in me guided me to the path I was meant to be traveling, nothing can ever be given to us. Sometimes we have to go and get it, it may take days, months or even years before we can finally see the fruits of our deepest dreams come to fruition.

We need to keep faith that we are going to reach our goals. During that journey some of our goals are going to change because we are constantly evolving in life. Not every dream or desire will materialize. There is a reason for that. The universe can see what is best for us, we can be fixated on something and we are not ready to let it go, but it is not what we need in our life. Just be honest and ask yourself if this is truly for your highest good.

If you are taking the time to answer that question honestly you could hear the word “no”, we should not be upset about it but instead trusting the universe there is something better for us.

When we are learning to accept the wisdom of the universe, we can realize we do not have the bird’s eyes view that the universe has. We need to be willing to accept that and go with the flow. Most of us will try to fight it, the result will be “hitting the wall” or not going anywhere but wasting our time.
Partnering with the universe will help you to archive your life purpose and guide you in the right direction. Why not start today?