Protecting our youngest


childOur ego could push us to want to be someone we are not, everyone wants to be visible to the world. But when you feel like you are being pushed aside while others are rising and shining it can tend to make some of us angry, envious or becoming invisible. We need to stop behaving this way. Instead of looking around you, start to reach inside of you for your spirit.

By reaching out to your spirit you are starting to become the person you are meant to be. You are starting to realize it is not by watching others you are trying to become your spirit.

When we are younger, we can be influenced by what is in social media or by someone on the internet that will connect with us. Not knowing who is actually behind the screen name. We need to make sure the youngest are not being coerced and then tangled in a web of lies making them do things they should never do.

We need to be sure we are protecting them by monitoring who they are talking to. It has become a trend that unscrupulous people would blackmail the most naïve person by making them do horrifying things. Social media have become one of those platforms.

We need to ensure a safe environment for our youngest and most vulnerable ones. Not everyone would reach out to their loved ones for help when they are facing this kind of situation. We need to be more proactive on protecting them.

These kinds of trauma could be a temporary setback but also could alter the view of the world for them. We need to let their spirit grow safely, social media should be use safely.

Always making sure that you actually know who you are talking with. A picture doesn’t mean anything especially when you are an adult pretending to be a child. Grooming and manipulating someone can be done easily over the net.

If someone is asking you to engage in inappropriate behaviors and asking to take pictures and videos, then sending them. Do Not Do it, instead you need to report to your parents/brother/sisters or someone you are close too. Also shut down your account and go to the authorities.

It has become a trend lately for some people to target under aged, vulnerable kids by making them doing things they should not than treating them by blackmailing them to send money for their silence. We need to make sure we are protecting them, too many kids are being pushed to do unspeakable things and they do not know who to tell when this is happening and neither do, they know how to get out of the situation. These are extremely traumatic experiences and could scar them for life.

This is happening all around the world, let’s make a difference today by monitoring closely what our youngest are doing on social media.

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