We are the master of our lives

loveFeeling the inspiration of the universe through our creativity our imagination. Our freedom starts in our own head. We can break all the chains and anchors that are tied to us. We need to learn to let go of everything that is not for our highest good.

Too many times we are keeping the wounds opens; from the loss of a job to a toxic relationship. Unable to let it go or close the book and walk away. These kinds of traumas are adding unwanted stress to our lives. Feeling we are starting to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

We should set ourselves free, so we can live a life with joy and happiness. We are all here to experience life from the good, the bad to the ugly.  Whatever our spirit wanted us to experience we are going to have to go through it. Add our free will then you could have an intense journey. We need to realized even though some of those experiences can be unfair it is a teaching moment.

Maybe, if we kept our head in the sand trying to avoid facing that situation it will go away by magic. But at the end, the situation does not disappear. Regardless, if we did or did not do anything to help to resolved it, the universe will continue to push us forward.

It is up to us to decide if we want to be in control of our lives or if we’d rather be on the passenger seat hoping for the best. It is your life, your experience no matter how you look at it.

You have the option to change the course of your life by using your imagination. We all have the same tools to help us why not use them today?

Would you rather continue to suffer and struggle in your life or would you like to have a more peaceful, joyful and loving life?

You are the master of you own destiny.

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