We are strong enough

LifeWe need to learn to turn inward to embrace who we are first. Learning to discovering how complex we all are. How much we have to share and love. Our life purpose will be revealed to us when we are ready to listen to our spirit. Ready to step up to the plate to claim what is ours.

It can be troublesome when we are feeling we are navigating in the dark. Not having a clear direction of where we are heading. But we need to relay on our instinct, on that little voice that is telling us to continue forward. Reassuring us it is OK, we should not be afraid everything will be alright. Even if we are about to head right into a storm.

We need to be willing to embrace those moments of discomfort, we have to experience that in order to push us beyond our limits. We can be pushed over the breaking point feeling this is it, but at the last minute everything shifts back to solid ground.

During the time of changes, we need to accept we have to lean on the universe completely. Trusting it is all worth what we are going through to finally reach solid ground.

When we are done with our transformation, we can look back at what we have gone through, understanding why we had to experience those disappointments and disasters.  But feeling we are now ready to experience something new.

Feeling ourselves grounded and whole, have the sense of freedom we were lacking. We can feel connected with the universe. happy we have made it but blessed at the same time because we are one with our spirit.

We are strong enough to go through those changes, we are strong enough to let it all go so we can rebuild ourselves.

Changes can be scary at first, but when you have the universe by your side, you know you are always going to be watched over and protected.


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