New Year – New You!

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Be authentic


Creating beautiful memories with our loved ones should be something we should do quite often. Enjoying each other, reminding each other how much they are loved and supported.

In times of tribulation the bounds we created will be tested, but with the love we are sending to each other we can overcome those times of uncertainty.

What helps us along our journey are the connections we have created. We do not need to feel alone on our journey. We have the universe and the people that love us surrounding us. We can isolate ourselves at times, thinking we do not want help from anyone but when we do that, we only make it more difficult to navigate on our journey.

We do not have to feel we have to close ourselves to the world. We should continue to be part of it not feeling we have to be on the edge because we are too afraid of… (fill the blank). We do not have to conform to the ego society, but we can start to live our lives on our own spirit terms.

There is no need to go underground to do that, we should be able to do that freely. We are all beautiful souls; our heart is gold, our life is precious, and we should live it to the fullest every single day. We should not have anyone else dictating our every move. We should be like the swan gliding gracefully on water.

Why not open your heart to the world and just be you! Enjoy every day, be present in your life and the life of others.

Shine the light that is within you, embracing who you truly are by living a more authentic life. Reaching to your spirit for your life purpose, for your inspiration. Be ready to become who you are meant to be.