Moment of reflection in our journey

journeyHaving a moment in our lives when we can reflect on what we have accomplished so far can help us to rethink where we should go.

It is not easy sometimes when you are in the middle of the storm to see if you are steering in the right direction. With the support of the universe you can have faith you will reach calmer waters.

When we are moving into uncharted territory, we can experience storms that help us shade some of the “excess emotions and traumas” we experienced in our lives. During those time of changes, we need to learn to see what we do not need. From toxic relationships to a job that doesn’t fulfill us anymore.

We need to be ready to let go of what is not for our highest. We are evolving every single day. Who we were 3 weeks ago is not who we are today, we need to learn to embrace that.

What could help us along our journey is to connect with our spirit, learning we are not alone but are surrounded by the universe. Having faith that our life purpose will be revealed when we are ready, learning to not lose faith during hardship. Be resilient in the face of adversity, learning to live an authentic life.

Standing our ground for what we believe, learn to respect each other’s space and thoughts. We do not have to agree with everyone, but we can try to understand their point of view.

We can learn to make a difference in the life of our loved ones. We can start to be kind to ourselves, taking care of ourselves.

We also need to learn to be more playful, more spontaneous and creative. We are forgetting so much when we are spending our time running around. Why not, once a week, do not plan anything but just go with the flow?

When we are starting to live our lives in a present, we are starting to create our tomorrow.