The beauty of magic

lifeMagic is always in the air, sometimes we just have to open our arms to receive it. We can feel it in the groove or on the roll when we start to tap into the magic that is our imagination.

You never know what the universe will bring to you when you are starting to use your imagination. When we are elevating our energy higher to finally connect with the universe, we are opening the door to infinite possibilities.

Being happy to live a fulfilled life, learning how complex we are but at the same time stepping back and letting our inner child be free.

Becoming who we truly are is the most beautiful moment in your life that is worth every moment of pain that finally brought us here. Feeling we are grounded and whole, never feeling alone but instead, feeling connected with the universe.

Be part of this world we are living in, connecting to everything that surrounds us. Having a better understanding of the world. Learning to send unconditional love to everyone, looking forward for peaceful moments when we have become grounded again.

Cherish our connection with our mates and loved ones. Feeling inspired to change our lives for the better.

Understanding our life’s purpose, shifting our thoughts to compassion and pure unconditional love. Watching from afar the ego world, and not letting it enter into the beautiful cocoon of love we have created for ourselves and our family.

Never feel you have to compete or justify who you are. But instead open your heart to let your spirit be. Speaking from a place of love, be present in your life. Stop running for something that is not meant to be for you. But learn to materialize what is for your highest good.

Learning by co-creating is a game changer for the rest of your life. Become persistent on what you would like to experience. Never settle for less or an illusionary moment that is not going to make you happy. Instead focus on your heart’s desire and make it happened.