Sending vibration into the world

vibrationWhat kind of vibrations are you sending to the world? This is a great question most people do not think or realized how much we are impacting our outer condition.

When you are happy, your energy level is rising, you can have one of those days when everything is in perfect synchronicity. You could get a free coffee, someone will be kind to open the door for you. You may have found an item that you always wanted in sales that you could not pass by. Life seemed to be in perfect synchronicity.

But when we are not sending positive energies into the world, we can encounter blockage at work with a difficult co-worker you have to work with. You have to pay extra for an item that were on sale yesterday, but the cashier is not in the mood to give you the discount today.  By accident you have broken your favorite vase at home.

Looking at both scenarios do this sound familiar to you? Well if you pay attention to your thoughts you could live an easier life. When everything falls into perfect timing, you will not have to struggle to get things done. The difficult co-worker could be more open and helpful.

What if you start today by changing the way you speak in your own head. Removing the negative sentences turning them to positive. For example, I will not meet that deadline, Pat is so difficult to work with, it is going to be a nightmare. Change to I am meeting the deadline, Pat is helpful, and we are getting along great. I am very happy.

You are now sending positive energies that will affect Pat’s behavior, Pat may arrive with his usual demeanor, but something will shift with him feeling there is no “extra” negative around him and he will start to relax feeling the positive energy. His attitude will shift, and you are getting your deadline meet.

If we apply this simple shift of thoughts, you can accomplish more than you would ever expect but also you are starting to change your outer condition in a positive way.

Why not do this as an experiment for 30 days and see how it goes?  You could be surprise how much your outer condition will change.