Are you on the top of your list?

lifeIt is cold right now, but a brisk little walk outside is quit refreshing. It is like washing away the stagnant energy, it is always a great source of inspiration. Moving our bodies can help us to be grounded.
Ideas can come during those walks, it is a nice break during the day. You do not have to walk for hours but 10 to 15 minutes is great and then to come back to your desk and continue your day.

We need to take care of ourselves better this year. Why not, while you are ready to create a new vision board, have something about your own care?
We want so much for our loved ones, we are forgetting all about us. This year why not start with the “me” first?
How would you like to accomplish that? Would it be taking a trip with your friend or a weekend at a spa?
What would help you to incorporate that in your life?

At work what would you like to do? Are you planning to move up the corporate ladder? Are you going to start your own business? Those are questions you should ask yourself, you never know what the Universe could bring you. You need to dream bold, do not hold yourself back.

We are the masters of our own destiny, we should not deprive ourselves of being successful, happy and joyful. We could accomplish so much if we can let our imagination be free.

We also need to let our spirit be free, the best guide you will ever have in your life is your spirit. The inspiration that comes from it is pure gold. There is nothing else that will have your best interest at heart than your spirit. You cannot go wrong when you are listening to it. You are becoming part of the winning team, the Universe will always support you along the way.

What you are looking for outside is inside, it starts with a dream, a feeling, an energy that will trigger the Universe to listen and work with you in perfect synchronicity. Why not start this year? There are so many blessings that are waiting for you to just name and claim them.  YOU just have to make the first step…. the universe will do ten towards you.