A sense of déjà vu

lifeHave you ever walked into a company for an interview feeling this is it!    It is my next company I am going to work for. Feeling like “home”, or déjà vu? Many times, we have that feeling I know that person or I know that place. I have been there before even though it is the first time you are actually there.

We can have those feelings when we are in synch with our spirit. When we are listening to the little voice inside of us. When you are in tune with the universe you are receiving messages clearly.

Everyone can hear them, but you have to be willing to turn down the volume on your ego in order to hear your spirit. Your spirit has a soft voice not as loud as your ego is, you need to adjust the volume and let your ego go to sleep.

When your ego is not interfering with your spirit, you are connected directly with the universe. Your all world is opening to new uncharted territory, you can find yourself in situation that are familiar to you this is when that the sense of déjà vu is kicking in. Those are moments that makes us realize we are connected, we all have the same capability.

We can continue to develop and nurture them by looking inward, focusing on connecting with our spirit. When you are learning to do that you are now in tune with the universe. Your life is going to start to shift. Raising your energy higher, discovering what you can do but also experiencing life in a different way.

Projecting more positivity into the world, living your life to the fullest. We all have the gifts to change our lives to be in tune with the universe. It is our own free will to choose to use it or not, why not change your life for the better by embracing who you truly are?