Let our inner child play

lifeWhat could be more fun than a moment of silliness in our lives? We have so many deadlines to meet at work. After work, running to our children’s extra curriculum activities. By the time we are back at home, we just want to crash on the sofa.

Why should we not have a little fun? We need to learn to let our inner child have fun and play. Laughing is the best medicine to heal any heartache we could have, even releasing our stress. So why not take the time to have a little fun today?

We are living our lives with our nose glued to our smartphone or computers every single day. Why not unplug for a change and do something with our family? Reconnecting with our loved ones by doing fun activities, not feeling the need we have to follow a schedule but instead let our spirit inspire us to do something different.

By doing that we are bonding with our loved ones, we are going back to basics. Living in the present moment, creating new memories. Enjoying who we are by being ourselves. Not feeling the need to put on a mask to pretend we are someone we are not.

We are grounding ourselves, sending positive energies into the world but for most we are lowering our stress level by elevating our energies.

We can finally relax and be who we truly are. Our lives need to be balanced no matter how busy we are. Taking the time to step back for a moment is helping us to stay grounded and whole. We are too much on the run every day.

Being silly will help us to reach a state of peacefulness, we can finally smile freely. Shifting our energies to the highest level. We can feel carefree for a moment forgetting our outer conditions. Putting our lives on hold, to just experience a moment of joy.

We need to learn to balance our lives, being silly is one feeling we should nurture.