Message of hope

lifeWhat would be more rewarding if we could get everything we always wanted? Sometimes we have to go through trials and tribulations to obtain them.

It may seem unfair if we are born in a less favorable light than others. It may seem unfair if we have to walk bare foot across countries to find shelter and safety. It is unfair when we need to sell our bodies to eat.

Life is full of obstacles and situations that seem unfair to the people who are going through those times, but we need to be reminded our spirit has chosen to come to this lifetime and experience the unfair conditions.  Many people have risen from despicable situations that most people could not comprehend.

We have the fire, the warrior in us that would help to move us forward in those time of challenges. We have to learn to heal our wounds. It may become a life full of challenges we have to overcome. We have to learn to co-create with the universe to change the course of our life.

It may be utopia for some of us, but for others if we are using our imagination, we can start to shift our path. Going to uncharted territory like the painter facing a blank canvas.

We have to go through life experience for our spirit to grow. Growing up in a less favorable environment I took refuge in my mind to create a world of love and joy. My outer conditions were oppressing me, I wasn’t in the right place.

My world was like acid on my skin, I had to rely on letting my warrior spirit lead the way to get me out of there. It took years, and with a lot of heartaches, but I pushed myself beyond what I thought was possible. I created a new world for me, even when I was ready to give up, I found the strength deep in my core to get going.

Everything we go through in life helps us to become who we are today. One thing I have learned along my journey is to trust my spirit and the universe. It has served me well helping me to navigate the raging river that is our life.