Creating with the universe

imaginationCo-creating with the universe can be daunting for some of us thinking it is too complex or too hard. I tried it in the past, but it never worked……

Co-creating with the universe is not difficult, to be successful you need to watch your thoughts. What your thinking will come to fruition. When you can master that, you are going to start to shift your thoughts to positive thinking and create the life you always wanted.

You need to raise your frequencies to the highest level which is positive. You should not be lamenting, be angry or resentful because those lower energies will only attract more heartache.

When you are co-creating use your imagination to bring a picture into your mind that makes you feel good. It could be a beach or a mountain view, something that will trigger you to “day dream”.

You can also go online and search for a picture that makes you happy. Print it and place the picture in the room you are in the most. Just take the time to look at it every day, it will raise your energy and let your imagination run free.

Co-creating is a way of life, it is not a trend, we are here to connect with the universe. The universe is here to support us during our journey.

We should all be utilizing these simple skills to create the life we always wanted. Learning to co-create is a humble journey. We all can do it, it is not for just a few chosen ones. We are in this world together.   When someone changes their life for the better, they are impacting the world in a positive way inspiring everyone around them to do the same.

We have a journey full of experiences, some good and some not so good, We have to learn to triumph over the difficult times so why not start now to ease our path by co-creating with the universe?