Who we truly are

lifeWhy should we hide who we truly are?  Why should we conform to please someone or try to fit in?

Is it hard enough to be who we are, why should we add more obstacles by pretending to be someone we are not?

Do we really need to do that? Why would one feel the need to become invisible when we should all be shining our lights? Is it because we are surrounded by ego minded individuals? Is it because we feel we are so needy we obsess to be liked or do we seek someone’s approval?

We should not be trying to conform to society or try to fit in to be part of the popular clicks, why should we try to meet someone’s else expectation? Making us feel we have to become invisible or masquerading and not showing our beautiful spirit?

What would it take for us to stop doing that? Is it because we are afraid if we show our beautiful self-everyone will turn their back on us or make us feel we are awkward and weird?

Living on the edge of the ego world can seem harsh or sad but in fact it is none of that. By living through our spirit, we do not feel like we do not belong. We are whole, we are not seeking anyone’s validation but instead living our life to the fullest.

Learning who we are, discovering our hidden talents. Enjoying living a life full of joy and love. Having loved one that supports us truthfully. Feeling the love from the universe, learning there is more than the illusion of the ego world.

Expanding our wings to let the essence of our lives be free, marching to the sound of our own drum. Creating a new path into uncharted territory. Being who we truly are is what separates us from the illusionary world we are living in. We do not need to justify who we are but learn to embrace who we are.

Life is too short so why not start to embrace who you truly are today?