Using our imagination

lifeFeeling inspired, confident, that is what we all should encompass in our lives, but in the world, we are living in today it can be challenging to stay focus on co-creating. In this time of changes, we need to keep our mind on our dreams, our goals. Being grounded, standing on our own two feet. Standing and facing our obstacles head on, knowing we have the support of the universe to help us along the way.

It may be difficult to feel happy at times when we are surrounded by negativity, but we still have the choice to push those energies back, so we can breathe and create our own space.

Making sure we are not only grounded but also, we are not absorbing everyone else’s energy.  We need to find the time to step back and check how we are doing.  If our spirit is grounded or off-balance, we are not going to accomplish positivity.

Let our imagination run free, becoming bold in our dreams. Changing the course of our lives is what we need to do if we are not on the right course. Going back to our path to archive our life’s purpose. Not letting anyone influence what our spirit is telling us.

Learning to embody the feelings we want to experience in our life is what will help us to make it materialize. Not being afraid to express ourselves but instead creating a new world for us, ready to experience what we always wanted to become.

Learning to make the distinction between our spirit and ego. Learn to live our lives through our spirit will bring you the joy, happiness you always wanted. Never feeling the lack of nor feeling awkward but instead feeling whole, complete.

If we are using our imagination in our daily life, not only can we  change our own world but also impact the rest of the world. We do not need to fight to get what we want but instead we can create what we would like and let it materialize through the universe.

When you realized you have to co-create with the universe you have the key that will lead you to success.

You have the most powerful tool and it is your imagination. Why don’t you start to use it today?