living your life through your ego or spirit?

lifeLooking at our lives we can feel we are lucky or not lucky.   If we are born with a sliver spoon in our mouth or not.

It may seem for some of us it is not fair, but what we need to look at is not where you are born or what you have because we all have to face our own obstacles and challenges. Someone could be born in the poorest country into the poorest village it doesn’t mean he/her life will not be fulfilled, neither their journey to what they are going to become will be wasted. When you know who you are and what you are capable of, you are that person, the most precious person in the world.

You can be born in a tower of gold but have an empty heart because you are living your life through your ego. You are not going to have a fulfilled life, only living in an illusion world that will never let your spirit be. Instead you are going to go to the extreme to show off to the rest of the world you are living your life through your ego.

Life will use both spirit and ego to live their life lessons but will reward only the one that is living his/her life through their spirit with the bounties of the universe.

You can have a long journey ahead of you to overcome many obstacles that could seems impossible but when you are opening your heart to connect with the universe, what seems impossible will becoming possible. Your life experience will be filled with love and joy, you are whole. You are inspiring everyone around you.

You always have the free will to do what you want, but your spirit will always try to connect with you. We are the master of our own destiny, it is how you are going to spend the time you have here that matters. Are you going to live it with your ego or your spirit in the driver seat?

Are you ready to do what it takes to overcome the challenges you are facing? Are you going to learn to co-create with the universe? Are you ready for your life purpose? Are you willing to learn who you are?

Discovering who you are is the most fulfilling experience you will have after learning unconditional love. What makes each one of us is what is inside of us.