Facing the storm

lifeWhen we are in the middle of the storm, we can feel overwhelmed by what is coming at us. We need to focus on staying grounded.

If we are not grounded our spirit will go in and out of our body feeling like we are in a joy ride in no man’s land. We need to stand still on our own two feet, looking at the situation in the most peaceful way. Not letting our ego run the show.

It can be difficult when you are dealing with co-workers that are not trustful or have an agenda of their own ready to through you under the bus at the first opportunity, they have to make themselves look good in front of the boss. Or you are dealing at home with your kids who have done something wrong and got caught red-handed?

We need to learn to be a rock in the middle of the storm. Sometimes we need to close our eyes for a little while to project peace in our minds. Asking the Universe to intercede to fix or improve the situation we are in.

We need to remind ourselves we are not alone we have a partner that is the universe. Asking for help should be a daily habit we should have. It will be easier when unexpected situations are arising, we turn to the universe for help.

After we have become grounded, we can see what kind of solutions will come to us to move forward. When we are grounded, we can make wiser decisions that will lead us out of difficult situations.  Taking the time to do that will help us to avoid repeating the same patterns.

We can walk out of a storm easier if we are partnering with the universe. Leading our lives with our spirit will help us to navigate during arduous times we can experience.

We all have to face our own life lessons, we can choose the way we want to handle them, with our spirit and the support of the universe or with our ego.   You make the decision.