Living in the moment

lifeIf we would take the time to slowdown, enjoying a moment with our love ones we could see the world in a different way.

We do not have to be on a fast pace every day, we need to slow down and be in the present moment. Too many times we are on the run. Passing by opportunities because we are not even looking at our surrounding. It could be from a great job or meeting your mate, you can miss so much when you are not taking the time to look of what is going on around you.

So many times, we are feeling we have been robbed of our time when we are not learning to slow down. We need to be in control of our life regardless of the outer conditions that are actually surrounding us.

We need to be in our own body not projecting ourselves into the future. When we co-create, we do it in the present tense there is a reason for that. If you create in the future it will not materialized because the universe will understand it is not something you want to experience now. If you are co-creating in present tense it is sending the message to the universe this is what you want to experience now.

It will start to work in synchronicity to make it happened. The feeling of already having it will trigger the universe to push everything in motion for you.

We are in the holiday season, why not start to create some wonderful memories with your family?  Slow down during this time, even if you feel your list is full.    With the Angel runners to help you along the way you will get everything done.

Use your heart to connect with the universe and ask for help. Make sure you are grounding yourselves, whatever is not done is not meant to be done. No need to agonized about it, it may be done tomorrow or not.

Learn to enjoy yourself and be in your own body; one body one spirit