Transforming ourselves

lifeChanging the course of our lives can feel like a herculean task, we can feel overwhelmed when everything is starting to move too quickly. We feel like we are not in control anymore which is correct. The universe will make us spin upside down until we are transformed.

We can feel uncomfortable for a while, but we need to embrace those moment. It can be extremely painful when we are feeling like we are being torn apart. But at the end when the transformation is completed, we feel so much more whole and grounded.

Looking back at the process, we can understand why we had to go through it. Even if it was not pleasant every day, we have shifted into the right direction we are meant to go to.  Finally, we can feel we are on the right path.

Ready to expand our wings and fly away into the light. Without the heavy weight that was holding us back.  But like a beautiful feather flying in the wind, feeling we have shed our skin feeling bare and pure. Ready to live our life to the fullest.

The feeling of peace that comes upon such a transformation is priceless, we cannot describe how much this beautiful energy is traveling though our body. It is a healing moment, a moment of greatness, a moment when you feel the hand of the Universe touching your soul.

Understanding the mystery of the universe, the beauty of life. Being in the present moment and finally understanding what you see is love. Pure unconditional love, feeling connected with your spirit.

Loving each moment and smiling at your past then turning your back to move forward into the unknow. Saying goodbye to the past, embracing every moment moving forward into uncharted territory.

Having the understanding we are beautiful and powerful, we are alchemists and co-creators. We are the master of our own destiny.

It is time to create a beautiful world for us, ready to change the world one step at a time.

Staying true to ourselves.