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Wilson’s story

K9 MPLS UnitBeing inspired, I am going to share a great story or at least one close to my heart. It was lunchtime and I was going for a walk-in downtown Minneapolis. As I was leaving the building, I noticed an officer with his four-legged partner. They were standing near some tables, I passed by quickly on my way outside. When I came back inside, I noticed the tables where the officer was standing with his partner were full of items for sale with the K9 logo on them.

I approached the table and noticed the sale was for the MPLS Police K9 Foundation. I started to speak with one of the volunteers while I was looking at the items on the tables. I learned the police department currently have 14 dogs on the Minneapolis force, three have retired or been transferred to other unites and new pups are coming to be trained and become part of the force. It was interesting to listen what the foundation is currently doing to support the K9 program but also provide the funds for the city when they cannot meet their budget.

Something that was fun to hear was every year cities around the U.S. are competing with their K9’s. The foundation provides the funds for the K9 units to compete every year. As I was listening, I approached Officer Blade and Wilson, his partner, as you can see from the picture Wilson is a beautiful 4 years old Belgian Malinois dog. It is Officer Blade’s second dog, previously he had a German shepherd that is now retired from the force.

Wilson lives with Officer Blade, it was beautiful to see the connection between the two of them. Wilson comes from Hollands not the U.S. as Officer Blade explained to me it is difficult to get some types of dogs to become part of the forces. Some of them are coming from Europe and Eastern Europe.

Wilson will be retiring from the forces at the age of 8, he will be adopted by a family to spend the rest of his life in a home that will love and care for him.

Today is a story about how humans and animals can connect and work together. The care and love officers around the world have for their four-legged companions is beautiful. More dogs are used in the military as well.

I wanted to share this story to highlight the fact that our animals are more than willing to give up their lives to save us. K9 Foundations across the U.S. are helping meet the needs the canine units when the cities can’t.

I am adding the MPLS Police Foundation website for more information.
The Minneapolis Police K9 Foundation raises funds for the following:
• Purchase of canines for the Minneapolis Police K9 Unit
• Training seminars for Police Officers and K9’s
• Purchase of equipment for officers and K9’s

I did however buy a few items because it is for a great cause to support the Wilson’s in the K9 MPLS Unit. If you are planning on giving to any K9 foundation, please do so but also make sure it is a legitimate site.

I would like to thanks Officer Blade to allow me to share this story but also the picture of Wilson. For all the K9 Units in the world that are working in the Law enforcement and military, thank you for what you are doing.

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