New year, new you!

New YouAs we are moving toward the new year, what would you like to change in our life that is not of any use?

It is time to look back at what is not fitting into your life anymore, from a job that doesn’t fulfill you to a relationship that has run its course. We are coming closer to another fork in the road, it is time to face up to what we can change in our lives and decide what we should do about it.

We want to walk into the new year without carrying burdens that are holding us back. We need to let go of what is not for our highest good. Even a toxic relationship needs to end in order for us to move on into a healthy and happier one.

We cannot continue to carry the negativity with us. It is adding unnecessary stress to us but also will derail us from our journey.

We do not need to continue to live a life where we feel we are drowning but instead learning to walk away feeling light headed free of all the negativity and guilt we may be carrying.

Too many times the ego will make us feel like we do not deserve our happy ending, it is our destiny to live a tortured life when in fact the opposite is true.

We should live a life full of love, joy and happiness, how could it be possible to do it if we are not willing to assess ourselves and start cleaning up and clearing out our own negativity?

It is time to be honest with ourselves and stand our ground instead of compromising for something that is not for our best interest.

We do not need anyone’s approval, nor do we need to try to fit in. Be yourself and learn to love who you are.  The rest will come to you organically.

The universe is always watching us and wants what is best for us. Happy endings are not a mirage or an impossible quest. In fact, we can all obtain our own happy ending if we stop adding unnecessary obstacles.

We do not need to feel like we are not worthy because we are all worthy, beautiful and loving spirits.

So, let us go and walk into the uncharted territory to reach our happy ending.

”This above all:  to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man” Shakespeare