Be yourself, be your spirit

lifeWe need to be ready to receive the bounty the universe has to share with us. We shouldn’t live our lives thinking we need to be punished so we do not deserve to receive anything.

Our ego can create the illusion in our minds we are lacking … (fill the blank) but in fact we need to change the patterns that are playing in our head.

Learn to listen to what we are saying, if it is negative stop ourselves in our track then shift it to positive. It may take a while before we can get the hang of it but in the end it is worth it.

This is how we can start to change our outer condition by controlling our thoughts, what we are actually projecting into the universe. Our lives should be lived to the fullest we should be able to navigate under the storm.

Walking confidently into the unknown. Reinventing ourselves every step of the way to how we truly are.

We should not limit ourselves but instead expand ourselves, learning to let our spirit shine. Become who we are supposed to be without shame. Standing on our own two feet, smiling at the world. Being humble in our journey.

Start your own journey with hope and love, lean on the universe to co-create. Never give up on your ultimate dream. This world is full of challenges that will make you want to give up. But we are resilient beings, we are more than those obstacles and challenges.

We are beautiful spirits, empowered to live our lives for our highest good. Learning our life lessons with grace and dignity. Pushing the boundaries beyond, never settling for less but instead inspire others to move mountains.

Become this beautiful light that will only bow to unconditional love. Learning to truly be authentic and grounded.

Let our imagination be the driver in our lives. Filling the gap with hope and love but foremost always believing in yourself.

You are beautiful and precious so let your spirit be free.