Staying calm during the holidays

PeaceAs we are in between the holidays moving forward closer to Christmas we need to be reminded that people are not to be used to release your stress and frustration on. If you are stressed out because you have not shopped and gotten everything you intended to get for the holidays you need to learn to accept that and stop yourself from acting like a fool towards other people and being an obnoxious jerk. The world doesn’t really care if you didn’t do all you intended to do for the holidays, but they do know a contemptible person when they encounter one.

Regardless if you are shopping during the day or in the middle of the night, the people working at the stores are not here to receive the wrath of your anger. They are all humans and need to be treated with respect.

You may have a job title at work as a manager or VP it does not mean you have to let your ego act like a selfish person demanding to be served while having a poor attitude toward the person working at that retail store. Instead you should be grateful to have someone trying to help you.

Acting like you are the most important person in the world doesn’t give you any right to act without class and with poor manners. Whatever you are acting out in this world will come back to you ten times over. Be prepared to receive what Karma has in stock for you. Kindness should be on everyone’s mind not anger.

Why would I act like I am above someone else when in fact we ARE ALL EQUALS! Remember the following when we are coming in this world, we are all coming naked, when we are living this world we are only living with our spirit on the other side. Your richness, titles or whatever you have will not follow you.

Acting superior to an employee, demanding to have a cash register open because there are four people waiting in line and you do not want to wait is not a proper way to act. Because you are late to do the last-minute shopping. Instead maybe you should go online to get your gift card via Amazon from the comfort of your home and send it to that person or get up a little earlier to go to the store instead of acting up in the middle of the store thinking it is your God’s giving right.

Being respectful during the holiday’s time can be challenging but having a temper tantrum is not acceptable. Being humble will be rewarded by having people helping you and maybe even giving you stuff for free.

We should not lead our lives with our ego but let our spirit be the entity we follow, being the one accountable for your actions, if you are late so be it. But do not send your wrath to anyone else, acknowledge your shortcomings and move on.

We need to learn to slow down and be present in our lives instead of always on the run. Life is too short to act poorly. We can do so much more when we are grounded and have a pleasant attitude.
Do as I do, ask the Angles Runners to help, they are here to do that. So, if I have missed something, like a gift card and there is a line at the cashiers. I will wait patiently asking the universe to help the line moving instead of barking orders around. You can accomplish so much more when you are acting civilized and respectful while partnering with the Universe