A moment of hope for everyone

faithGiving back to the people or the causes that are close to our heart is a beautiful way to help this world.

For the people who have had hardship this year, losing their jobs, battling addiction or learning to stand up on their own two feet. I would like to say there are better days coming for you. You have to keep moving forward. We can stumble on our journey, this is when we are learning to grow. It can seem unfair at times when everything comes at us at once. But we are resilience, we are strong, we are powerful warriors that will overcome every obstacle thrown at us.

As we are looking back at this year, we can see we have moved forward in our lives, even if we feel we have been stagnant. We have to continue to strive to push ourselves beyond our limits.

I have faced a journey full of heartbreak, feeling the punches deep in my core. I have been pushed beyond the breaking point. I have cried my soul to sleep, I had wounds that would not heal. I felt I betrayed my inner child. I felt pushed so hard against the wall I couldn’t breathe.

I have risen from my ashes multiple times like a cat had moved to its multiple lives. I have felt the burn of my skin when people where attacking me. I have felt drowning when people where betraying me. I have felt invisible to the world when my body was being taken apart.

I wanted to give up when I had only one finger on the ledge ready to let it go for good. I had nothing left in my life to lose because I lost everything, from the two beautiful loves of my life, that peacefully and gracefully went on to the other side leaving me behind to continue on my journey. Losing the most precious and beautiful soul. Learning through those hurtful moments the beauty of unconditional love. Letting love fill my heart to the fullest. Letting my heart open to feel the connection with the other side. Feeling home is not far it is close if we are connecting through the heart.

Understanding the universe is love nothing less, accepting we are only here to experience. As difficult as our journey can be, we can change the course of our lives.

Believing in myself when no one did, learning everything I could. Transforming myself to let my spirit shine. Becoming the warrior that would walk fearless into uncharted territory, learning to co-create with the universe. Having faith that the Universe has my back.

Realizing at the end of the day, everything I need I can make it happened because I am an alchemist.

Through my journey I have learned to never give up on my dreams. Even at my worst I found the strength to get up and get going. At every punch I received, I fought back by asking the Universe to course correct the wrong that was done to me.

Wherever you are right now, do not give up but get going. Life can get better if you learn to co-create with the Universe. You are not alone on your journey keep your eyes on your happy ending.