Let your spirit free

happy To attract the right person in your life you need to be someone. That someone is not the one you see on social media or a reality show but the one that is dormant in your heart.

Yes! your someone is your spirit, by opening your heart and letting your spirit free you can become someone who you are meant to be.

You are becoming alive, happy and grounded. You are discovering who you are, by sending those vibes into the world you are going to attract the right person. The one that will become your mate.

If you are not releasing your spirit to be free, to become who you are supposed to be, you will never send those vibrations into the world that will attract that person who is for you. But instead you are going to attract the frogs that will not bring you joy and happiness.

So why not let go and have faith by opening your heart, you are becoming free. Expressing your true self to the world. Your happiness is contagious, your love will shine and make you visible to everyone that is here for your highest good.

There is so much more you can experience when you are letting go of everything but instead learning to live your life authentically.

Shaping your life, the way you want, loving every moment of your transformation. Becoming the person, you are meant to be. Learning what your life purpose is, discovering all of your hidden talent.

Opening like a delicate flower showing your true colors. Expending your light and vibration into the world. Becoming the beacon of love, learning how to give unconditional love. Appreciate every moment you are sending with your love ones.

Discovering how much inspiration you can have from your surroundings, never giving up on your dreams but believing in the impossible. Never giving up but becoming resilient to make your dreams come true.

Having faith tomorrow will be a better day, you are here to make a difference in this world.