Our holy ground

lifeReminding ourselves we are enough, we are talented spirits. We have a lot to offer to the world, but when we are living in the world of ego, we are forgetting who we truly are spending our time dodging any fireballs coming from individuals that are more inclined to want us to fail or stumble.

We need to remind ourselves we are beautiful and precious. Nothing or no one should try to control us, dictate what we should be thinking or doing. We are our own master, the alchemist that can create a better life for ourselves and our family.

We do not need to be validated by anyone, we do not need to prove what we can do for anyone. Instead we should focus on what we can do to improve our lives. Living a life of joy and contentment, not feeling we have to compete with anyone but instead learning to surpass our own expectations.

Making the world a better place by living to the fullest, never settling for something less than who we should become. Having faith that we are supported along the way.

Learn to co-create with the Universe to reach our happy ending. Never let anyone create doubts in our mind but instead learn to dream bold and beautiful.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, this is how we can change our lives and the world. Dreaming is the most beautiful tool you will ever have. Never look at how but let perfect synchronicity be part of your life.

Let the universe bring you what you need, easing your journey towards your goals. We should not spend our time to fight every battle but let the universe divert your journey to calmer waters.

Living in peace with yourself, learning to love yourself and respect yourself. You are walking on holy ground and your spirit is sacred so take good care of it.

Life is precious, the time you have to walk the earth is counted so make good use of it by living to the fullest but foremost embrace who you are.

We are beautiful spirits, cherish every moment you have and make your mark by learning unconditional love.