Co-creating with the universe

lifeIn our quest that is our life, we have to conquer obstacles and overcome difficulties that lie in front of us. Instead of feeling we have to do it alone start to partner with the Universe to shift what is in front of us. We can change the outcome of where we are currently standing. Learning to adjust our view, changing the way we see situations.

Leaning on the Universe to help us during times of difficulty. Keeping faith that we are not alone during our hardships. Asking for help, instead of hoping something will change or basically giving up. Even in the direst situations the Universe at the last-minute can help us.

We do not have to do it alone. Why not start today and learn to lean on the Universe? You do not have to believe it, but you can ask.

The Little One doesn’t believe in the Universe even though she has been shown over and over that it is there for us, she is still refusing to admit it. But she is asking for help and the Universe has responded to her, maybe not the way she wanted but it did.

When we are asking for help we shouldn’t be looking at the how to, but at the end game. It is not our purview to oversee it. It is our job to keep our focus on the outcome.

The universe will prevail by giving us the best outcome for us. It may sound like it is not possible for some of us to see it. But if you are looking closely at any situation you have experienced, you can realize that somehow perfect synchronicity had played a part in it.

We all have a different destiny, some have an easier journey than others.   It is okay, your spirit has chosen the path before you came here. We must accept it is part of our learning, our growth. We have an advantage when we realize we are not alone.

We can start to co-create and shift the course of our lives at any given time. With perseverance and faith, we can realize our wildest dream.

Why not start today?