Changing the course of my life

changeI am listening to the 80’s music, it is bringing me back to my early teens. When you are starting to have your spirit awakenings thinking you know it all. When in fact you are starting to have mixed feeling having one foot into adulthood and the other still as a feisty teenager.

That battle will continue until we reach our 20’s ready to finally feel like we are ready to live our lives. Also, because we are young we are not understanding life completely, we are unaware of what is coming toward us.

Thinking we are going to settle in our lives easily, planning every moment of our lives ready to set it in stone. But somehow the universe will show us we are not mature enough to understand that it is not how it is going to happened.

As a teenager I never felt I was in the right place in my life. Somehow, I felt I was robbed of my true calling. Feeling I wasn’t born into the right family, the life I was living was a lie, an illusion.  I never felt I belonged, it was difficult to face the reality that I was stuck somewhere with no chance to escape. Feeling the walls were closing in on me. It was scary and disorienting to have to live through that every day.

My only refuge was my mind, but I needed a plan to escape. I knew my life wasn’t there, I wanted my happy ending. A life filled with love, having a family of my own and a job I loved.

But it wasn’t in the map I was traveling on, instead I had to find that escape route and redirect myself to the right path.

Nothing is ever given directly, but you can, if you use your imagination, trigger the first step toward your right path. It may take some time for the Universe to shift situations around for you to get on the right path but if you are patient and keep faith it can be done.

I always say it is not a sprint but a marathon, sometimes it can take years before it unlocks but if you persist and do not give up the universe will reward you for your patience.

Keep going, keep pushing but foremost keep dreaming, the universe will back you up.