My personal thoughts

lifeWe need to open ourselves to our own imagination. starting to live our dreams instead of letting our lives pass us by.

We are here to experience life; how can we do that if we are living in a house of glass? We should be limitless, not giving our power to others to put restriction on our lives. That is not what we should be doing!

Instead we should take back our power and start to live our lives through our imagination. Creating the world, we want to experience instead of letting life dictate our every move.

Learning to become a child again, to let our imagination become wild and free. Elevate our energies to reconnect with the Universe.

Understanding the priorities in our life, taking care of ourselves and then our loved ones. Making a better future for us. Never going back on our dreams but instead walking into uncharted territory with the faith that we will be supported along our journey.

Meeting new people and going new places to continue to open our horizon and mind. Never taking life for granted but instead cherishing every single moment.

Be humble for what we have accomplished, learn to give unconditional love to everyone. Be compassionate about our trials and tribulations. Forgiving ourselves for what we have done wrong and make amends.

Living in peace and continue to ground ourselves. Never make false promises but instead keeping our words on what we can actually do.

Learning to not oversell ourselves for the wrong reasons but being authentic for who we are. Never feel we have to compete against everyone to prove who we are but instead keeping our power to ourselves.

Always looking at solutions when dealing with obstacles, learning to pick and choose our own battles. Some are worth choosing and others not so much. Be able to recognize which ones are more important and walk away from the others.

Choosing our circle of light, part ways with people who are not inclined to promote your highest good. Never let anyone condescend to you, but instead believe in yourself and stay strong because you know what you can actually do.  Do not be intimidated by people who may wish to bring you down for whatever reason they might have. Stay strong, stay grounded.

No one should set your limitations, we are limitless, so expand your wings and fly away.


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