Memorable moment in 2018

memoryWhat is the most memorable moment you have experienced this year?

Have you been blown away by someone or have you landed your dream job?

What would you take away from this year alone? Do you feel you have accomplished what you had set out to do?

Are you feeling you are on the right path or do you still think you are missing something in your life?

Have you ever thought what you have done this year has been for your highest good? Or do you feel trapped on the hamster’s wheel? You have no idea how to get off that ride!

Have you found a way to ground yourself this year, do you still feel you need to work on it?

There is so much we can accomplish when we are whole, when we start to understand how the law of attraction works. We do not have to continue to struggle in our lives.

If I have to pick a memorable moment it would be when I challenged myself to go beyond what I thought was possible from becoming a regular contributor to PGM to launching my own podcast. I had no idea it would go around the world.

We can dream big and bold but sometimes when the Universe decides to give even more than we are expecting it is a sweet reward that makes us humble. Realizing there is more than just ourselves here but an invisible force that is here to help us.

Living the live we have is an experience for our spirit. Letting us grow at our own pace, not seeking outside but instead turning inward to connect with the universe. Let our spirit be free, finally expanding our wings to show our true colors.

Learning to be ourselves without any fears but instead embracing who we are. Giving ourselves the right to be happy and live our life to the fullest.