Looking back what I have done in 2018

lifeI am feeling inspired as we are approaching the year-end. What exactly have we done this year?

Have we finally enjoyed ourselves, rediscovering the bond with our mates? Have we moved forward towards our dream?

Have we finally taken the time to listen to our spirit?

So much has been happening around the world that we possibly could have forgotten to take the time to be present in our own life.

Have we listened closely to our spirit or have we taken Les Chemins de traverse?

It has been a tumultuous year but what a ride!  Even in a very dire situation the Universe, at the last-minute, threw me a life line. How magical it felt to feel the elation of being pushed up into the sky once more. Being lifted and moved toward my path, my life purpose.

Finally opening up like a flower letting my thoughts and messages from the Universe float free.

Never feeling apologetic about what I am doing instead feeling inspired every single day. Finally experiencing true freedom. Never going backwards but moving forwards into my journey.

Ready to embrace the better part of me, elevating myself to a higher plane. Enjoying every single moment. Feeling free of all of the guilt and chains that have been tying me down for so long.

Breaking that glass ceiling, feeling the fresh air, the pure energy of the Universe bathing me.

Where will this upcoming new experience take me? I do not know yet but what I know for sure is whatever I am creating now will come to fruition soon. There is no more time to waste on the past, the goal is to but focus on the “now”!

What do I really want to accomplish? I will just let the Universe work its magic by way of pure synchronicity.

Smiling at the world while enjoying that ultimate destination that is mine.

How about you? What has 2018 brought you? How far have you gone since the beginning of the year?

What are you working on for 2019? Are you ready to discover the better part of yourself?