Living our lives on the edge

challengeListening to our own spirit, our own intuition from our work to mate. This guidance can help us navigate our life much easier. We do not have to gaze into a crystal ball to see what will be happening to us in the future, but instead, taking the time to listen to that little voice deep inside us.

That voice will never let us down. If you have doubts and feel you do not want to take a step further, just take the time to ask if this is coming from our spirit or our ego. Doubts can have us re-think if we made the right choice or if we are scared of the unknown.

How exhilarating our life could be if we could only be carefree for a moment. Like being on the edge of cliff ready to jump into the unknown. It is fun but also can wake up all our senses to feel alive.

Some people are dare devils because the way they feel alive is by facing danger. Their senses will go on overload making their adrenaline spike to its maximum. Feeling invincible and weightless, that feeling of drunkenness by having all their senses pushed to the limit and beyond.

We can feel limitless in our lives when we are listening to our spirit. Living our lives 200 miles an hour to reach Nirvana.

This ultimate feeling that we cannot find in any other form. It can be intoxicating to live it through this kind of challenges. Like a drug, we cannot control it but wanting more. The feeling to be alive on the top of the world. Shouting at the world “we are here and alive”.

Too many people are afraid to step into uncharted territory but if you really take the time to realize the bubble you are living in is only an illusion. We can do so much more if we only break the walls that are surrounding us. Life has so much more to offer, we just need to live our life to its fullest.