Stepping in my ultimate destination

dreamAs I am stepping into higher energies, I can see the world in a different light. It is not a life of an ego state of mind. It is a life of peaceful and healing energies. The colors are different, I can see at the atomic level.

It is not one-dimensional world anymore but multi-dimensional I am stepping into.  It is finally happening, the moment I have been waiting for so long.

The doors of the Universe have finally opened wide, I can see the bounties I have been looking for. The Universe has rewarded me with so much. It is the most humbling moment to realized that everything I have done has been for this moment.

This single moment in life that finally made me kneel for the blessing I am receiving. The tears in my eyes are tears of joy. Realizing what I had to live through was not for nothing instead it was to prepare me for now.

There is no such thing as a free ride, but instead a humbling experience of a lifetime. From the tears of pain to the sorrow of losing my loved ones. Making me understand by unveiling we are still connecting between all dimensions. We are energies, we are unconditional love. We are more than what we think we are.

Learning to seize the moment when the right opportunity is coming to me. Never giving up in my dream, in my happy ending. Being determined to move mountains to go home, never let anyone have power over me. Never compromising my spirit for a moment of lust but instead seeking refuge in the Angels Realms, Ascendent Masters and the Universe.

Feeling the unconditional love beyond this world. Finally making peace with myself and the world we are living in. Smiling while standing in the middle of the storm, waking the warrior in me to fight and never giving up. Even pushing myself beyond what is acceptable, rising above chaos to seek refuge under the wings of the Universe.

Licking my wounds, ready to fight another day. Understanding the we are the essence of life. Even if our shell has only a limited time in this world, we are eternal, we are magical, we are pure, we are beauty.

We are here to embrace our authenticity but for most never apologize for who we are.

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