Walking into uncharted territory

uncharted territory Shine the light on me for sending positive energy into this world. Walking into uncharted territory with a light step and a smile on my face. Seeing the Universe revealing its beautiful pathway that is guiding me to the next leg of my journey.

To the peaceful space I am entering, feeling whole, connected with the higher power I have been seeking for so long. Finally reaching my last destination on the map of my life, eager to get started to finally enjoy each moment.

Excited to finally rise like the phoenix from the ashes that have been my light till now. Bowing with humility toward my Spirit that has endured so much but that always has been kind and grateful for everything that has happened to me.

Learning that now it is time to step into my final destination the one that I am creating right now. Full of adventure, joy, love and peace. Understanding this is the time to let shine the light on me to empower everyone to live the lives they truly are meant to live.

Pushing everyone beyond their own limits. Understanding we are not alone, there are thousands of helpers that are ready to help us if we only ask.

As I am elevating myself into higher energies, I am weightless, light like a feather. I can see now why I had to go through the ride of “hell” that has been my life. My Spirit has opened up like a beautiful flower letting every single petal open and uncovering more skills and talent than I would ever had guessed.

I can stand up on the top of the world, smiling and sending unconditional love to everyone that is on their journey of self-discovery. You are not alone in your journey, use the tools you possess, from your imagination and determination. Open your heart to let your spirit shine, amplify the light that is in you. Show the world your true colors.

We are all beautiful spirits that have a life purpose to accomplish. Stand up today and walk on the pathway you are meant to take. The Universe is supporting you along the way.

Rise up above the ashes that are our past, decide to be present in your life. Embody the energy you want to experience in real life. Co-creating with the Universe will help you to archive your goals. Uncharted territory is the most beautiful experience you will ever have in your life.

What are you waiting for?

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